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We help organisations in the private and public sectors to find a structure that works.


On numerous projects, we have helped clients:

  • to integrate a newly acquired business

  • to react to changes in the market and the economy

  • to respond to competitors’ moves

  • to cut costs quickly and restore profitability

  • to improve the performance of a business or division so that it can be sold off

  • to save costs by applying new technology or moving business units.

We analyse the costs of people and processes and match them to what the business wants to do. We put customers in the spotlight, and tighten control on operations and finance to keep them there. The result is a slimmer organisation, with fewer but motivated people, more efficient processes, and lower costs.

Collinson Grant has restructured large companies throughout the United Kingdom, North America and Europe. Some projects are for private equity owners who want to improve the performance of investments. Others are for British companies that have bought new businesses in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. We handle the protracted negotiations on social chapters and establish effective working relationships with employees’ representatives.


Whatever the circumstances, we agree on the priorities for action with senior managers and work with them to reach targets. Our skills in employee relations and in negotiating directly with trades unions help us to achieve organisational change with minimal disruption.

Restructuring presents an opportunity to review how well the business is exploiting digital opportunities. New technologies can present better ways of engaging with customers, managing products and processes, or designing completely new ways of doing business.

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