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About Us

"Whether restructuring complex businesses, turning around performance, improving efficiency or securing better returns our consultant's aim is to return ten times their fee to clients"

Andrew Collinson

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Collinson Grant works with managers to restructure, merge acquisitions, cut costs, restore profitability, introduce lean operations, streamline supply chains and manage people better. Helping clients to exploit digital technologies successfully is an increasing part of our work. Our consultancy skills and diverse experience help us to achieve successful results in demanding situations.

Our ambition is always to create the conditions for a sustained improvement in efficiency and financial performance. Our emphasis is on results and value for money.

The enduring partnerships we have formed with senior people have helped us to prosper in challenging economic circumstances and grow stronger when times are better. Our people are drawn from diverse backgrounds, but all are comfortable operating at a senior level.

The restructuring of large enterprises is one of our core competences but we offer many other managerial skills. Our work is varied because it takes place in many different locations and for many different types of organisation. It can range from giving advice to a senior manager for a short period, managing a reorganisation over several months or taking full executive responsibility for an operational division.

Some of the companies who first used our services 40 years ago are still our clients. Times change and so does the economy, but our relationships endure because we take time to build trust and to understand the day-to-day concerns of the managers we work with.

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