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We analyse, recommend and implement

Any enterprise that takes its eye off profit will end up making a loss. Successful managers create a sustained pressure to review and control costs, but first they have to understand what drives them and to control it. We show them how.

In an economic slowdown or an upheaval in the market, there is often a need to cut costs deeply and urgently. Collinson Grant has restructured large companies throughout the United Kingdom, North America and continental Europe. We have helped acquirers and private equity owners to get better results from their investments; improved the performance of subsidiaries so they could be sold; and remodelled businesses to respond to changes in competition, the market and the economy.

We match the costs of people and processes to what the business wants to do for its customers. We do this in small teams with the client's staff, collecting and analysing data to create costed options for a new structure. When a decision is made, we implement it. The result is a slimmer organisation, with fewer but motivated people, more efficient processes and lower costs.

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